Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trip to the eye doctor

Today I took Devin to his first eye check up. He was so nervous at first saying that he was scared and didn't want to go. But after talking to him about what he could expect and that he didn't need to worry he was ok. The check up went good, Devin has a very good right eye but the left is a little weak and sometimes things are blurry for him if the right eye is covered, but it's not to bad where the doctor felt he needed glasses, so that good. I just need to take him back in September to make sure it's not getting worse. In the end Devin was very good and got a cool spiderman sticker which he was quite happy about!

Now I'll be off for awhile as my mom's flying up here tomorrow 'cause my dear old French grandma just died and we'll be attending the funeral in Montreal. Of course I'm a bit sad but I didn't really know her that well and she was not in very good health so I know she's a lot happier now! But I am happy that I'll be able to see my mom again and my sister Christina will be joining us as well. So something good is coming out of this sad time. I will write when I get back!

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