Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RIP Grandma

I've been home since the 28th but have not had the time to post! We had a good trip and it was great to see my mom and sister again. We arrived late at night in Montreal for my grandma's Wake and saw all my French relatives again. Feeling a bit out of place and awkward as everyone is chattering in French, at least I had Christina to talk to. My mom was happy to see one of her brothers she hasn't seen in years but then came the hard part of seeing my grandma laying was an opened casket, just what my mom didn't want. It just makes things so much harder. Mom was brave but as they began to talk about my grandma's life the tears began to flow, it was so hard to see my mom so sad, Christina and I began to cry. The next day wasn't any better as we sat there again in the same hall to look once more at the cold, peaceful face of grandma before they closed the casket. Why do they have to make it so sorrowful, it was torture to have to stand there and see her like that. Don't get me wrong, my Uncle did a good job of organizing everything and there was beautiful flowers everywhere and they past out this stickers with her face on it that everyone wore on their shirts and they even had candles and key chains to pass out. It's just that that side of my family is all very Catholic and everything was done just so. We all drove to a church where we experienced a very traditional Catholic French...which last a good hour or so. That defiantly gave me time to think about life and death and how I would never want my funeral to be that way. I want people to celebrate my life not morn my death. Talking about this with some friends later on they also agreed and one even wanted to have people come and take shots by her coffin which I thought would be a cool idea ha! Anyways, I don't like talking about death. We took some photos afterwards with some of our cousins and Uncles. It seem to have been that Christina and I were a object of attention as we were the only ones that didn't speak French and just a lot different then the rest of our family so we would be standing there and people kept hoping in the middle between us taking photos, it was rather embarrassing and amusing at the same time. I didn't get any of the photos but I'm hoping one of my cousins will send them to me.
Later that night after we traveled 3 hours back to Kingston, Christina invited me to her bowling bonanza birthday celebration. I had a lot of fun meeting her friends and bowled pretty good considering I haven't bowled in 4 years. I beat all the girls and even a few of the guys coming in at third place! It was nice to get out and have a good time after all the sadness from the day before. Moms back home and I've been busy getting caught up with home life. But after attending a funeral it sure makes you cherish your family and friends and gives you a renewed outlook on life.

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true that.. la vida ES bella.

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