Monday, February 04, 2008

Super bowl Sunday

Was a good day! We were invited to go sledding with Steve and Abi and meet up with another couple at the park. Devin had lots of fun and so did I! Abi challenged Celeste and I to a race down the hill, sad to say I started off pretty bad, couldn't get my sled moving so Abi beat us down but as soon as I got going I managed to glide past both of them! Then there were some snowball fights and the kids found this hill that someone had dug a tunnel through so that kept the kids entertained for awhile. I actually have some good photos, just need to download them to the computer. After coming home Mike provisioned some pizzas and we picked up the guys drove downtown Toronto to get some Chinese take out that apparently is good and at a great price. Then we headed to a friends house who had so kindly invited all the guys to come watch to game on his big 50'in plasma screen TV....sweet!  I must say the game was slow in starting but the last minute there was pretty intense. Some sad faces in the end but I'm glad the under dogs won. Sorry Patriot fans :-(
Well tomorrow is my day off,  I have a birthday party I'll be helping out with,I need to get some games together for that as well. So I'm off to bed to get some shut eye.  Be happy and health!!!!


Kelsey Noble said...

Toronto sound more fun every time I hear about it! Can't wait to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait till your here too Kelsey poo! ;-)