Monday, April 14, 2008

Good times

Had some friends over the other night. It was mainly to hang out and talk but then as we put some music on it turned into a get up and shake that thing night, ha! It was fun and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves with all dance, at least I hope they did. I tried the straight hair look that night, most liked it, some didn't. I liked it because it was something different. Here's a picture of me and cute Lani. Your such a sweetheart girl, and my brother is a lucky guy ;-) It was great seeing you again. And just cause I love you so here's a picture of Andre being his cute self along with Cecey and her mischievous face.

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Christina said...

I miss you guys so much I can't wait to plan a visit to see all of you. Let me know when time comes available for a visit. Love you!