Saturday, April 26, 2008

Their here!!! Family is up from Texas

I'm so excited! My family has finally arrived! My mom came by today with the kids and I was being all squeaky and jumping up and down for joy. It was just so good to see them again. I missed them so much. Simon was still resting from their long 4 day drive up so I can understand why he didn't come to visit, but don't worry I'll get to give you a big squeeze soon dad, ha! My family means so much to me. They've been there through thick and thin and help me in my darkest hours. I owe a lot to them in every way and I'm just thrilled that there close by so I can spend some quality time with them. So beware guys, I might come and invade your house from time to time. Love YOU! xoxox


John and Mireille said...

Anytime honey!
I love you so much, and thank you to both of you for taking us for lunch yesterday it was very sweet and we enjoyed our time together.
I love you

Christina said...

Hey there,
Dan, Kassy and I are coming up to visit. Mom is trying to work out a place for us to stay Friday night the 23rd. We have to go to St.Catherines the next day in the afternoon, but we wanted to spend time with our family, and Dan wants to meet everyone! Can't wait to see you!