Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things going on

*Instead of driving practice on Thursday I went to see my sister and Dan for the weekend, YAY.
*Felt sick but worked and came home Saturday night.
*Saw an amazing display of weather while driving home of darkness, thunderstorm, wind, sun and rainbows all within 10 minutes
*Watched the Finals of Britain's got Talent with Carmel
*Miss my son, miss my son, miss my son
*Might practice driving Sunday afternoon
*Hang out with friends Sunday night
*Want to chat with you over a bottle of wine
*I'm happy for my life
*Wishing you a good nights rest


brittani said...

Where Devin?

MarieAnne said...

I was on the road for a bit and when I came home he was visiting his dad. So I was just going through motherly withdraws,silly me. He's back now and I'm a happy mommy!

Rhyden said...

hmmmm too bad i must have missed that day when you were online.