Friday, June 05, 2009

For the other "one"

The other Marianne that is! She was here for a time and it was grand,we were sad to see you go. We had many laughs we three, Carmel, you and me! Never thought I'd find a weird one...just as weird as me, with our shouts of joy heard throughout the house and being so bold as to get up and dance in front of an unexpected crowd just to make them glad, sad or mad!
We made a pretty good girl band you and me with all that jazz. I shall miss it for I don't think I'll ever find one quite like you... another Marianne!

The night Marianne left us for Mexico we made popcorn and watched a girly movie. They didn't like the camera so much...Carmel being my hand model
"What are you doing with that camera....Arrrg"
How many popcorns can you fit in your mouth contest .... I believe this one was the winner
Middle of the night after a long day and silly night.....MISS YOU MARIANNE


Sue said...

aaaw I miss her too. I only got to see her twice.. siiigh.. the inconveniences of living far away. anyways, your a great blogger marieanne :) post them JT party pictures already! xoxo

Carmel Lavigne said...

hey thats not fair she only won cuz i have a small mouth ahha. love you tons babe miss you

Carmel Lavigne said...

oh and just for the record i have the sexiest hand ever!!! hahah

The Life and Times of Marianne McKen said...

Awe! Thanks so much hun. I'll miss you tons too and I had way much fun with you guys. Make sure you add me, cuz I don't have you email. SMOOCHIES! I love you all lots! P.S. CARMEL! I WON!