Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our new little fishy

Today was a big day for us, we went out and got ourselves our first family pet....a goldfish! Thought we should start off with something small. Devin had been asking about getting a fish since his friends got a fighter fish last week. So today Mike took us out and Devin looked around at all the fish and decided he wanted to get a small red fan tailed goldfish. Then we proceeded to look around for a fish tank and fish food. We ended up getting a small glass bowl and some colorful rocks for the bottom. Then Devin said he found some fish food, but when we saw that he was holding a container that looked like it could last a year we opt for something a bit smaller ha! We came home and set it up on our dresser. Devin is now trying to think of a name for his little fishy friend and he asked me if it was a boy or a girl...hmmmm how do you know if a fish is male or female? Well we told him it was a boy so he's now thinking of a boy name and he is hoping to get another fish soon as he feels this one might be lonely, so we might get another soon. I was going to go to the library with Devin and google about how to care for goldfish so that it won't die on us. Devin seems very excited about the idea of study up and learning about the care of goldfish. I think this should be fun! I'm happy we have a new little member to our family! He's name will be posted soon.

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John and Mireille said...

I like your little fish Devin,
good choice.

I love you it was nice talking with you on the phone the other day.